23 August 2009

Lindt Café, Melbourne

Nothing says winter more than a hot chocolate. Melbourne, spoilt for chocolatiers, now has a Lindt Café on Collin Street. Located in beautiful surroundings, the atmosphere is relaxed and light.

After reading about macaroons in last month's Gourmet Traveller, both Michelle and I were eager to try Lindt's interpretation, the Delice range.

Macaroons, Lindt Cafe, Melbourne

Of our selection of strawberry, passionfruit, chocolate and hazelnut, we both loved passionfruit. Hazelnut, with high expectations, was good but not exceptional. Strawberry is quite sweet, but still delicious. Chocolate is a good entry point.

Lunch, or whatever we were calling this meal, needed something more substantive. Lindt's range of cakes was exactly what we needed.

White Chocolate Framboise, Lindt Cafe, Melbourne

White Chocolate Framboise caught Michelle's eye and did not disappoint. A delicate layering of flavor, it was the pick of the day.

Chocolat Cerise, Lindt Cafe, Melbourne

I chose the Black Forest cake, called a Chocolat Cerise. I am still undecided on this. The chocolate was wonderful, as expected. I was not so enthused by the cherries. Michelle was more of a fan.

Lindt's Café is well worth a visit. A great way to spoil yourself or someone close.

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